Rebekah is the creator of Body Illumination. She is E-RYT® 500, YACEP® Certified Yoga instructor, Pilates Instructor and ACE certified instructor.

With decades of world-wide yoga experience teaching babies, kids to seniors and everyone in between, she has a distinct philosophy.  “I love movement, mindset and sharing these practices. Exercise and movement have always been part of my life as a young athlete and dancer. The classes I teach are about us finding and accessing energy in the body, mind, spirit. I want to evolve them and share them in a new light to work within our daily lives. It is beyond fitness. They are pathways to a new way of living… a better way of living and a journey.”

Rebekah Aramini Lupo is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP®), which recognizes this person as an expert in one or more of Yoga Alliance’s Educational Categories.



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What is  your why?  What is your take-away?  Why are you here (BTW- I am so glad that you are) ?

Let’s get real.  Life is busy and often hard.  It’s a challenge to juggle the balance work, kids, loved ones, health, emotions, mindset… but we can.  We all want to find enlightenment or a better body or maybe Vairāgya.  But we are not living like a monk and cannot take time to extensively meditate.  I am happy if I tap into that divine source here and there.  When I do that – it guides me through the rest.  This is what I want to share with you.  Feeling better in the body but also mentally and spiritually.  Let’s celebrate and share our victories especially the small ones.

  • I spend countless hours on wellness.  You probably are busy with your life and  I have been teaching yoga, pilates, yin yoga and movement classes for decades.  I dive into my teachings and explore everything including modern and ancient wisdoms and what works with our lifestyles right now.  If you want these strategies and the amazing results they deliver then I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel and for more exclusive content and supporting my channel, join Patreon.  Thank you so much beautiful friends.  Have an amazing day.  namaste




  • "Pilates is addictive and so is Rebekah!!!”
    “As a mother of three young children, finding time to exercise is always tough...however,the energy Rebekah demonstrates in class and the workout definitely make it worth the effort!!! With Rebekah, I quickly learnt to really enjoy the physical and mental benefits of her classes. Pilates challenges my body to become stronger and more flexible and my mind to become more focused and positive" Irit Maor
  • "...ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body."
    "I had never tried Pilates before, but one class with Rebekah and I was hooked! She gave me a much better understanding of not only the exercises themselves, but how they were benefiting my core, and ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body."  Michelle Rhodes
  • "She was adept at adapting moves to my level of ability and flexiblity and very responsive to any requests for help..."
    "Rebekah did a wonderful job explaining even the most basic moves and was always willing to model them for me or help me adjust my position. She was adept at adapting moves to my level of ability and flexiblity and very responsive to any requests for help with or emphasis on certain postures or aspects of yoga."  Kerry Sabbag
  • “Flowing, Smooth, Strong. You can Feel the Energy.  Rebekah is in the house!!"

    "I had the pleasure of experiencing Rebekah's step and kick box classes and miss them dearly. They say everyone excels at something and Rebekah excels in many areas, with this being her finest. She is a born leader and has enriched many lives with her training methods. I wish she was back in front of my classroom, but realize that is being selfish, and there are many people out there who will be fortunate to have her help them reach their exercise goals." Paul J. Lotito
  • "Rebekah is a great instructor."
    "Rebekah is a great instructor. She is very knowledgable and always provides a challenging workout. I definitely recommend taking her classes."  Jennifer Jarmark
  • "In each instance Rebekah strived to make herself a better teacher and everyone in her class a better student and person."

    "Prior to my study of yoga, I had the opportunity to participate in a number of Rebekah Aramini’s exercise classes. In each class Rebekah invested the time to demonstrate the proper technique, observe and correct our techniques, and provide personal instruction/advice after class. This was done to connect with each member of the class to improve their fitness and well being.
    She is an energetic, involved teacher who was an extremely popular instructor due to her style of teaching—complete knowledge of the subject, encouragement/help to achieve the proper technique, providing the background of the technique—the purpose/ goal etc.
    In each instance Rebekah strived to make herself a better teacher and everyone in her class a better student and person. For approximately 10 years I have observed Rebekah Aramini’s teaching manner and the qualities inherent in her being is what she has brought to Yoga.
    She is now “living the life of the Yogi’ and I have been lucky to have practiced Ashtanga Yoga under the “yogi” Rebekah for 4 years. I would welcome the opportunity to be a “yogi” in her class again."  John Kent