GET MINDFUL- get our free interactive journal

GET MINDFUL- get our free interactive journal


Be mindful when you are not working out…  

Why do small changes lead to big results??? If you want changes in your life – get some data.  See and compare what is working and what is not.

 How to find inspiration from within? Mindfulness in not just on the yoga mat or meditation cushion. INVITE WELLNESS INTO YOUR LIFE – all aspects.

Whether you want to get healthy, loose weight, become inspired, be happy, get fit – then be mindful about what you are doing! Create your own personal analytics. Download the free Body Illumination interactive journal log when you subscribe to our newsletter. Track your what you are doing and change your life! Simple steps for big change.

Download our free mindfulness interactive journal

🌼YOU NEED ADOBE ACROBAT READER – a free download.…

Bouquet of flowers circle the O in the OM mantra. Inspirational OM!  Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating. The sound Om, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature.  Available at Amazon. Click here.




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