• You are ready to take major changes in your life.

  • You want to feel energized in your body.

  • You want help energy flow, help repair muscles.

  • You are an athlete.  Yin yoga for athletes is unparalleled for improving flexibility and recovery. 

  • You have emotion overload with life.  You are overworked and stressed. You want clarity, ease in your mind and body. 

  • You are a Yin Yogi who wants to take your practice to another level.


  • Yin yoga feels good.   

  • While you stretch, you may listen to music, an audiobook or turn off all your devices and take the opportunity to unwind tension without distraction. 

  • Yin yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • In order for the body to let go of deeply-held tension and repair from the trauma of intense training, it must be in the parasympathetic “rest and digest” mode.  We often do not give ourselves the opportunity to full relax.  These poses are genuinely healthy for the body.  In our practice our goal is to release tension in the body but also the mind


Meet Your Yoga Instructor

  • Rebekah is E-RYT® 500, YACEP® Certified Yoga instructor, Pilates Instructor and ACE certified Group x instructor.

  • She has decades of world-wide yoga experience teaching babies, kids to seniors and everyone in between.

  • With a comprehensive, diverse background in fitness, she has a passion for teaching wellness.

  • I spend countless hours on wellness.  You probably are busy with your life and  I have been teaching yoga, pilates, yin yoga and movement classes for decades.  I dive into my teachings and explore everything including modern and ancient wisdoms and what works with our lifestyles right now.  If you want these strategies and the amazing results they deliver then I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel and for more exclusive content and supporting my channel, join Patreon.  Thank you so much beautiful friends.  Have an amazing day.  namaste

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  • "Rebekah is such a positive teacher who sensitive to the needs of each student."
    "I was new to yoga and, over the past few years Rebekah's patience and coaching have helped me to better my form and take my practice to the next level. Rebekah is such a positive teacher who sensitive to the needs of each student. She creates a safe, fun environment that helped me to gain the confidence to venture into yoga studio classes, further expanding my horizons."  Donna Ferrera
  • "...ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body."
    "Rebekah is an amazing teacher with lots of variety. My flexibility and mobility have improved greatly since trying her Yin Fusion and other pose variations. My forward fold, balance etc was non existent until I starting following her flows. I love that her sequences challenge me and offers other variations for different levels. As a truck driver I find motivation to incorporate stretching throughout my day. Maybe I can work up to trying her pilates class someday. "
    Will Medlock
  • "I found the class to be an enlightening experience."
    "I took Rebekah Aramini's yoga class consistently for approximately two years. Primarily, I took the class because it was a tremendous work out. I feel as though I improved my flexibility and strength as a result of the class. In addition, I found the class to be an enlightening experience.
    I truly believe that it enhanced my understanding of the mind-body connection. It helped me to decrease my stress level and to think of problematic situations in a more positive light. I feel that Rebekah's ability to integrate the physical and emotional aspects of yoga made each and every class a wonderful experience."  Amy O'Connor
  • "...she's always so upbeat and enthusiastic- you forget it's a workout and just have fun!"
    "I'm a big fan of Rebekah's Kickboxing and Step classes. When I first started, I was a novice to aerobics classes. My first class with her was a step class and I didn't know the first thing about it- what was a U step? a K-step? It was all foreign to me. I was a little nervous- I thought for sure I wouldn't know what to do and I'd make a fool of myself, but she explained everything so well, I felt like a pro! After that I was hooked! Rebekah is such a motivator; she's always so upbeat and enthusiastic- you forget it's a workout and just have fun!"  Kathleen LaVigne
  • "In each instance Rebekah strived to make herself a better teacher and everyone in her class a better student and person."

    "Prior to my study of yoga, I had the opportunity to participate in a number of Rebekah Aramini’s exercise classes. In each class Rebekah invested the time to demonstrate the proper technique, observe and correct our techniques, and provide personal instruction/advice after class. This was done to connect with each member of the class to improve their fitness and well being.
    She is an energetic, involved teacher who was an extremely popular instructor due to her style of teaching—complete knowledge of the subject, encouragement/help to achieve the proper technique, providing the background of the technique—the purpose/ goal etc.
    In each instance Rebekah strived to make herself a better teacher and everyone in her class a better student and person. For approximately 10 years I have observed Rebekah Aramini’s teaching manner and the qualities inherent in her being is what she has brought to Yoga.
    She is now “living the life of the Yogi’ and I have been lucky to have practiced Ashtanga Yoga under the “yogi” Rebekah for 4 years. I would welcome the opportunity to be a “yogi” in her class again."  John Kent
  • "I feel I've worked hard, yet I'm energized to continue the rest of my day."
    "I have been taking taking Yoga and Spin classes from Rebekah since 2006. I find her classes inspiring and invigorating. When I come out of some spin classes, I feel winded (like I need a rest); but not after Rebekah's spin classes. After her spin classes, I feel I've worked hard, yet I'm energized to continue the rest of my day.
    Yoga is a true spiritual practice and having been a Syda Yogi, I can sincerely state that Rebekah brings out the spirituality fo the practice during her yoga classes. I especially like that she allows the class to set an intention for the class. That moment centers me and I am able to be present in the class. No matter how many people are in the class, she still manages to give personal attention. Due to her style of instructing, it makes me want to challenge myself.
    I miss her classes very much because she no longer teaches at NYSC north. I wish she would return; however, when she subs for any instructor, it's a treat!"  Sandy Singh