SOMATIC Pilates Yoga SHOULDER Exercises

SOMATIC Pilates Yoga Exercises
for Winging Scapula fix
and Shoulder Mobility Flexibility

  •  The class focuses on addressing shoulder instability, weakness, or pain through a combination of Pilates, yoga, and corrective exercises.
  •  Props such as chairs, blocks, pillows, tennis balls, and straps are used throughout the practice.
  • Initial exercises involve lying on a diagonal surface (like a chair or bench) to engage the core and stabilize the shoulders.
  • Movements include lifting and lowering the arms while focusing on core engagement and shoulder blade stabilization.
  • I demonstrate variations for those with different flexibility levels, such as using a bolster or modifying the position.
  • Additional exercises incorporate weightlifting motions with light weights or improvised items like oranges.
  • Stretching exercises are interspersed throughout the routine to promote flexibility and release tension in the shoulders.
  • The practice also includes somatic movements to increase body awareness and address holding patterns.
  • The session concludes with a series of stretches and movements aimed at enhancing shoulder strength, stability, and mobility.

Namaste my Beautiful friends,

Welcome to our transformative journey through the fusion of yogilates and somatic exercises, designed to illuminate the body and nurture its innate wisdom. In this session, we embark on a holistic exploration aimed at releasing tension, enhancing mobility, and restoring balance to our shoulders and scapula.

Through the graceful integration of Pilates and yoga principles, we embark on a quest to address the challenge of winging scapula, unveiling the keys to unlock shoulder mobility and flexibility.

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Rebekah is the creator of Body Illumination. She is E-RYT® 500, YACEP® Certified Yoga instructor, Pilates Instructor and ACE certified instructor.

With decades of world-wide yoga experience teaching babies, kids to seniors and everyone in between, she has a distinct philosophy.  “I love movement, mindset and sharing these practices. Exercise and movement have always been part of my life as a young athlete and dancer. The classes I teach are about us finding and accessing energy in the body, mind, spirit. I want to evolve them and share them in a new light to work within our daily lives. It is beyond fitness. They are pathways to a new way of living… a better way of living and a journey.”

Rebekah Aramini Lupo is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP®), which recognizes this person as an expert in one or more of Yoga Alliance’s Educational Categories.

What is  your why?  What is your take-away?  Why are you here (BTW- I am so glad that you are) ?

Let’s get real.  Life is busy and often hard.  It’s a challenge to juggle the balance work, kids, loved ones, health, emotions, mindset… but we can.  We all want to find enlightenment or a better body or maybe Vairāgya.  But we are not living like a monk and cannot take time to extensively meditate.  I am happy if I tap into that divine source here and there.  When I do that – it guides me through the rest.  This is what I want to share with you.  Feeling better in the body but also mentally and spiritually.  Let’s celebrate and share our victories especially the small ones.

  • I spend countless hours on wellness.  You probably are busy with your life and  I have been teaching yoga, pilates, yin yoga and movement classes for decades.  I dive into my teachings and explore everything including modern and ancient wisdoms and what works with our lifestyles right now.  If you want these strategies and the amazing results they deliver then I invite you to subscribe to my youtube channel and for more exclusive content and supporting my channel, join Patreon.  Thank you so much beautiful friends.  Have an amazing day.  namaste




  • "I feel I've worked hard, yet I'm energized to continue the rest of my day."
    "I have been taking taking Yoga and Spin classes from Rebekah since 2006. I find her classes inspiring and invigorating. When I come out of some spin classes, I feel winded (like I need a rest); but not after Rebekah's spin classes. After her spin classes, I feel I've worked hard, yet I'm energized to continue the rest of my day.
    Yoga is a true spiritual practice and having been a Syda Yogi, I can sincerely state that Rebekah brings out the spirituality fo the practice during her yoga classes. I especially like that she allows the class to set an intention for the class. That moment centers me and I am able to be present in the class. No matter how many people are in the class, she still manages to give personal attention. Due to her style of instructing, it makes me want to challenge myself.
    I miss her classes very much because she no longer teaches at NYSC north. I wish she would return; however, when she subs for any instructor, it's a treat!"  Sandy Singh
  • "...she is truly a great teacher."
    "I've taken Rebekah's spin and yoga classes, and she is truly a great teacher. She's knowledgeable and she's generous. Unlike some instructors who are more concerned with getting in their own workouts during class, Rebekah pays attention to each student to make sure everyone is doing the moves correctly--stepping in and adjusting to make sure everyone is getting the best possible workout."  Linda Rodgers
  • "Rebekah is a great instructor."
    "Rebekah is a great instructor. She is very knowledgable and always provides a challenging workout. I definitely recommend taking her classes."  Jennifer Jarmark
  • "...she's always so upbeat and enthusiastic- you forget it's a workout and just have fun!"
    "I'm a big fan of Rebekah's Kickboxing and Step classes. When I first started, I was a novice to aerobics classes. My first class with her was a step class and I didn't know the first thing about it- what was a U step? a K-step? It was all foreign to me. I was a little nervous- I thought for sure I wouldn't know what to do and I'd make a fool of myself, but she explained everything so well, I felt like a pro! After that I was hooked! Rebekah is such a motivator; she's always so upbeat and enthusiastic- you forget it's a workout and just have fun!"  Kathleen LaVigne
  • " I think it is a combination of her dedication and sincere interest in her student's well being..."
    "I have taken a variety of Rebekah's classes (pilates, abs, yoga, etc) over the last 5+ years and I keep going back. I think it is a combination of her dedication and sincere interest in her student's well being, coupled with the variety, intensity and great music that make for an incredible workout. I am consistently satisfied with every class and that is something I have never experienced with a single instructor before."  Alison Tamburelli
  • "She was adept at adapting moves to my level of ability and flexiblity and very responsive to any requests for help..."
    "Rebekah did a wonderful job explaining even the most basic moves and was always willing to model them for me or help me adjust my position. She was adept at adapting moves to my level of ability and flexiblity and very responsive to any requests for help with or emphasis on certain postures or aspects of yoga."  Kerry Sabbag