30 Days of Yoga Challenge…


I am delighted to announce a transformative offering to kick off the new year—a 30-day calendar and the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE! While you can start this journey on any day, I recommend taking a break on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2024 with a bang.

With over 5,000 subscribers on my channel, I am genuinely grateful for the support and enthusiasm you have shown. The 30-day calendar incorporates a unique blend of practices, including Yin Yoga, Pilates, Vagus Nerve Exercises, Myofascial Release, and more. I believe in the power of this holistic approach to bring about a transformation of both body and mind. Creating this calendar has been a labor of love, and I sincerely hope that each one of you enjoys the journey as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

As a token of my gratitude, I extend special Friday practices to Patreon or YouTube members who support my work.

➤To embark on this transformative journey with me, check out my 30-day calendar at the following link: ➤https://transformbodyillumination.getresponsesite.com or ➤https://tinyurl.com/5ersbj4f Wishing you and your loved ones abundant blessings this holiday season.

Namaste, Rebekah

  • " I think it is a combination of her dedication and sincere interest in her student's well being..."
    "I have taken a variety of Rebekah's classes (pilates, abs, yoga, etc) over the last 5+ years and I keep going back. I think it is a combination of her dedication and sincere interest in her student's well being, coupled with the variety, intensity and great music that make for an incredible workout. I am consistently satisfied with every class and that is something I have never experienced with a single instructor before."  Alison Tamburelli
  • "...she is truly a great teacher."
    "I've taken Rebekah's spin and yoga classes, and she is truly a great teacher. She's knowledgeable and she's generous. Unlike some instructors who are more concerned with getting in their own workouts during class, Rebekah pays attention to each student to make sure everyone is doing the moves correctly--stepping in and adjusting to make sure everyone is getting the best possible workout."  Linda Rodgers
  • "...her cardio workouts are exceptional, high energy and fun!!!"
    "You will get an amazing total bodyworkout....all the time -- her cardio workouts are exceptional, high energy and fun!!!"  Dee DelPadre Picone
  • "...ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body."
    "I had never tried Pilates before, but one class with Rebekah and I was hooked! She gave me a much better understanding of not only the exercises themselves, but how they were benefiting my core, and ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body."  Michelle Rhodes
  • "Pilates is addictive and so is Rebekah!!!”
    “As a mother of three young children, finding time to exercise is always tough...however,the energy Rebekah demonstrates in class and the workout definitely make it worth the effort!!! With Rebekah, I quickly learnt to really enjoy the physical and mental benefits of her classes. Pilates challenges my body to become stronger and more flexible and my mind to become more focused and positive" Irit Maor
  • "Rebekah is such a positive teacher who sensitive to the needs of each student."
    "I was new to yoga and, over the past few years Rebekah's patience and coaching have helped me to better my form and take my practice to the next level. Rebekah is such a positive teacher who sensitive to the needs of each student. She creates a safe, fun environment that helped me to gain the confidence to venture into yoga studio classes, further expanding my horizons."  Donna Ferrera

Discover your purpose, your ‘why.’
What will you take away from this journey, and why are you here?
(By the way, I’m genuinely thrilled that you are.)

Let’s face it. Life is a whirlwind of challenges—balancing work, family, health, emotions, and maintaining the right mindset. It’s tough, but we navigate it together. We all yearn for enlightenment, a healthier body, or perhaps a sense of Vairāgya. However, we’re not monks, and finding time for extensive meditation feels like an impossible feat. Personally, I find solace in occasional connections with the divine source. It serves as my guide through life’s chaos. And here’s what I want to share with you – the journey to feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let’s revel in and share our victories, especially the small ones.

My life revolves around wellness, and I understand you’re busy with your own. With decades of experience teaching yoga, pilates, yin yoga, and movement, I’ve delved into both modern and ancient wisdom to discover what truly aligns with our current lifestyles. If you’re seeking effective strategies and the incredible results they offer, I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. For even more exclusive content and to support my channel, consider joining Patreon. Thank you, beautiful friends. Wishing you an amazing day ahead.

Namaste, Rebekah