Smudging Benefits

The Power of the SMOKE

Smudging Benefits

Study reveals that smudging does more than just clearing your space removing evil.

If you have ever done smudging or have considered it, this article provides helpful insights about what specifically it is doing in scientific terms.  It reviews the 8 Benefits of Smudging.  If you have ever tried smudging, you will notice that is quite a potent scent from the sage and other herbs.  But the scent actually is clearing away more than just negative energy.  However, that depends on what qualifies has negative energy to you.  If your definition of negative energy goes beyond spirits and emotions but also includes mold, pet dander, pollen, pollutants and dust then smudging does it all when it clears “negative energy” when it produces helpful negative ions.

8 Benefits of Smudging are referenced in detail in the article they include:

  1. Increasing your sense of well being and improving mental focus.
  2. Clearing negative energy.
  3. “Nature’s antidepressant.”
  4. Clearing the air.
  5. Cleansing objects.
  6. Relaxing effects.
  7. Increased energy.
  8. Improved sleep.

The technique is very easy to do.  After lighting your smudge sticks you allow the smoke and to do their “work.”  Spend a bit more time in the areas that may accumulate stagnant energy like corners of rooms, bathrooms or dust-attractors.   You can usually feel the energy and if it needs more or less smudging.

Here is an interesting story.  I had a tickle in my throat every night when I was in bed.  It would manifest into a coughing fit in the middle of the night.  I smudged our bedrooms and surrounding areas.  That following night I slept soundly and tickle-free.

Although smudging is relatively new our Western world, the spiritual practice of burning sage is in fact an ancient tradition. Smoke has been regarded as deeply cleansing and spiritually powerful to many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. The idea is that smoke is purifying because it captures the “bad energy” and then “ascends to the heavens.”

So whether you want to drive away negative energy or restore balance to an individual, a group, a space, or all three, give smudging a try.


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