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Hi FRIENDS! Join me for beginner-friendly yoga flow for hip health exercises to empower your hips, your body and yourself. It is on my YT channel -Body Illumination with Rebekah. Get mobility, flexibility and strength in your body. We’ll do deep hip openers, stretches, pilates toning and YES-yin yoga.
Doing these exercises regularly will help with hip pain relief and releasing emotions stored in the hips.
Make sure you check with your health care professional and make sure this flow is appropriate for you depending upon where you are in hip health journey. I recommend simply listening to your body when you do any exercise.

Yin yoga specifically is a great way to connect to our inner wisdom;

It’s slower pace allows us to truly settle into our poses without overexerting ourselves or pushing too hard. Yin yoga works on our deeper connective tissues which helps us access feelings that may be trapped within our bodies and left unexpressed.


This form of yoga can be emotional as we tune into our bodies and feel sensations we may not have known were there before. Every time we practice yin yoga we have a chance to experience something different, whether it be a physical sensation or an emotional release. Every practice gives us a unique opportunity to go deeper into our bodies, strengthen our connection with ourselves, and be gentle with whatever comes up during our time on the mat.

Even if we don’t always have an emotional response, yin yoga can still provide great benefits like increased flexibility and circulation as well as calming our central nervous system and reducing stress levels. As we continue to listen to our body and take action by following bursitis hip exercises or other hip pain follow alongs, we can start to create balance between tightness and openness. Exercises for hip pain also help support the hips so they can handle more activity while minimizing discomfort and injury. Regularly doing HIP BURSITIS EXERCISES further increases range of motion so the hips can easily move through all kinds of activities.

Pilates is a great option for hip bursitis as its focus on correct movement patterns strengthens the hip muscles while maintaining joint stability.

Hip bursitis stretches are also incredibly important since stretching improves joint mobility and prevents adhesions from forming. When done in combination with hip bursitis exercises and hip pain follow alongs, regular Pilates for hip bursitis can give you long-lasting relief from hip bursitis pain and improve overall hip health. Additionally, Pilates strengthens the core muscles around the hips so those muscles can better protect them against hip injury.
Listening to your body is key and should never be overlooked. Hip strengthening exercises should never cause discomfort but only result in steady improvement over time.
With proper treatment including regular hip bursitis exercises and hip pain follow alongs, you’ll find yourself enjoying improved hip function, increased range of motion, better posture and less pain overall.

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♥ More Happy Hips -25 minutes

♥ Hi Beautiful Friends – this beginner friendly yoga hip health flow when recovering from hip bursitis. Join me with deep hip openers and hip bursitis exercises including pilates hip bursitis stretches — and please check where you are on your bursitis treatment. Trochanteric bursitis stretches and exercises – Yin yoga hip openers are helpful for Trochanteric bursitis exercises and releasing emotions stored in hips! You will love the relief from hip flexor stretch with added hip pain relief. Yin yoga is very helpful for the bursitis hip exercises. Start this bursitis yoga flow regularly – consistency is key with bursitis hip stretches.


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