If you are ready to turn your world upside down... you came to the right place. A Discovery Process... Where will your next workout take you... “Wellness and fitness should be a discovery process not a chore. There is magic inside each of us – we just need to tap into it to allow it to be realized.” Rebekah Rebekah Rebekah SHARING A PASSION FOR... FITNESS, WELLNESS, VIBRANT EATING, MEDITATION ILLUMINATION... VIBRATION MEDITATION CHAKRA PRANAYAMA CHI PRANA LAWSOF ATTRACTION ENERGY DIVINITY FLOW INSPIRATION


  • "The results are unparalleled."
    "The worst thing about Rebekeh's abs class is how effortlessly she does things that put you in excruciating pain. That said, I have been consistently lifting weights and doing my own form of abs for 14 years and nothing compares to her class. She packs more into to 20-30 minutes than I used to do in three 30 minutes sessions. The results are unparalleled."  Chris Peel
  • "I found the class to be an enlightening experience."
    "I took Rebekah Aramini's yoga class consistently for approximately two years. Primarily, I took the class because it was a tremendous work out. I feel as though I improved my flexibility and strength as a result of the class. In addition, I found the class to be an enlightening experience.
    I truly believe that it enhanced my understanding of the mind-body connection. It helped me to decrease my stress level and to think of problematic situations in a more positive light. I feel that Rebekah's ability to integrate the physical and emotional aspects of yoga made each and every class a wonderful experience."  Amy O'Connor
  • "...she's always so upbeat and enthusiastic- you forget it's a workout and just have fun!"
    "I'm a big fan of Rebekah's Kickboxing and Step classes. When I first started, I was a novice to aerobics classes. My first class with her was a step class and I didn't know the first thing about it- what was a U step? a K-step? It was all foreign to me. I was a little nervous- I thought for sure I wouldn't know what to do and I'd make a fool of myself, but she explained everything so well, I felt like a pro! After that I was hooked! Rebekah is such a motivator; she's always so upbeat and enthusiastic- you forget it's a workout and just have fun!"  Kathleen LaVigne
  • “...ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body.”
    "I had never tried Pilates before, but one class with Rebekah and I was hooked! She gave me a much better understanding of not only the exercises themselves, but how they were benefiting my core, and ultimately shaping me with a better mind and body." Michelle Rhodes
  • "...she is truly a great teacher."
    "I've taken Rebekah's spin and yoga classes, and she is truly a great teacher. She's knowledgeable and she's generous. Unlike some instructors who are more concerned with getting in their own workouts during class, Rebekah pays attention to each student to make sure everyone is doing the moves correctly--stepping in and adjusting to make sure everyone is getting the best possible workout."  Linda Rodgers
  • "...she inspires us to improve by her encouragement and empathy. We feel safe under her care."
    "For someone much younger, Rebekah knows how to connect well with the seniors in our Silver Sneakers classes. In spite of our perceived physical limitations, she inspires us to improve by her encouragement and empathy. We feel safe under her care. Her depth and breadth of knowledge (yoga, Pilates, aerobics, weight training, boxing, etc.), her preparation, her imaginative explanations, and her nuggets of wisdom are all woven into the texture of the class. But what I love is the accompanying music from her iPod playlist. It is always changing, appropriate for the activity and adds a very important dimension. We leave her class with an expansive feeling that we carry into our daily lives. And our bodies are stronger and more flexible!"  Eileen Julian

“Wellness and fitess should be a discovery process not a chore. There is magic

inside each of us – we just need to tap into it to allow it to be realized.”

Join me on the journey. – Rebekah

“When you are ready to turn your life upside down, you will know it and love it!”- Rebekah

Step  by Step…Powerful yet simple

It is an inward journey.  I look to nature when I teach yoga. Our breath is like the sounds of nature – THE OCEAN. Our movements are like those of the animals and the earth – CATS, DOGS, DOVES, TREES, THE EARTH.  And when we tap into the deeper potential, we understand it as being merely one small aspect of Yoga’s integrated approach toward spiritual, emotional and physical alignment.

Vibrant Eating

In 1903 Thomas Edison was concerned about the healthcare of his time and stated: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”




We are meant to change and evolve.
Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Therefore, cultivate the energy before you see it.  He also said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”  Amazing thought!  Harness the powerful laws of the universe.  Every day, meditate and fuel yourself.



We are meant to change and evolve.  
Come out of your comfort zone and explore new ways of living, eating, moving.  You have never been at this point in your life at this moment – EXPLORE.  THIS IS INFORMATION YOU ALREADY KNOW.  YOU JUST NEED TO BE REMINDED.  Creative recipes, meditation and pranayama techniques, fitness tips and more.  Expect the unexpected!!!



Cultivate your creativity and intuition.  This key to wellness.  We are not separate.  The body, mind and spirit connection needs to be cultivated.  Create this connection with body and soul and expect miracles.


“Find a fitness/wellness repertoire that works for your lifestyle and needs. It’s all about chemistry.  You may not like the same spin class as someone else but you may love another instructor or yoga!  Try quinoa – you might not like it today but maybe tomorrow.  We are constantly evolving.  Let that be your paradigm.  Try to create something doable, sustainable and then add onto it and try a twist.  Find what resonates with you.  What and who motivates you?  Find something that makes your heart sing.” Rebekah

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.  Hippocrates

Plant-based recipes and ideas.

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