Intuition 🌞Morning Pilates Yoga Day 18

Intuition 🌞Morning Pilates Yoga Day 18


🌞Practice for INTUITION🌞

Morning Pilates Yoga Day 18🌞

Body Illumination

FOLLOW YOUR GUT FLOW WITH this intuitive flow. AWAKEN your body and your spirit with a practice for your intuition. Start your day with a morning flow for energy! A new start yoga and pilates fusion.

Intuition FLOW yoga and pilates
You need something for a busy schedule yoga or yogalates or yogilates!

Pilates and Yoga at home no equipment necessary, a couple of blocks and light weights are optional. Cultivate a listening flow. It is so important to hear that inner voice -with listening yoga and pilates fusion.

Need Yoga for strength and healing? Practice this flow with pilates strength. Pilates yoga for weight loss healthy energy flow is ideal way to wake-up your day! Check out BODY ILLUMINATION for for more free yoga classes for beginners and pilates and yoga classes online. This is great for a busy schedule yoga and busy pilates or YOGILATES repertoire. 15 minute fusion of pilates and yoga. All you need is a mat and a couple of blocks. This repertoire is great to work pilates spine health, core work, deep yoga stretching and flexibility. Enjoy this YOGA AND PILATES FULL BODY FUSION FINESS FORMULA. Open your day with body movements and breath! This is a new morning series challenge by Body Illumination! 🌞


JOIN THE GLOBAL YOGA MOVEMENT EVERY DAY -Body Illumination Morning Flow Series:

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