Yoga Pilates Flow to GROUND

Yoga Pilates Flow to GROUND

Flow to Ground SequenceTry pilates and yoga to ground yourself. This balanced flow will help with getting grounded. Breathing, being present and refocusing you energy is so essential.

In this yogalates full body workout you will embrace a new day flow to recharge your morning! Practices and yoga to ground yourself is important for a busy life and schedule. When you need balance flow and try yoga for focus mind.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND TRY 🌞Yogilates or Yogalates 🌞 30 min Morning Flow Day 12- Morning Yoga and Pilates is such a wonderful way to start your day.


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JOIN THE GLOBAL YOGA MOVEMENT EVERY DAY -Body Illumination Morning Flow Series:

GREAT FOR BUSY SCHEDULES – JAM PACKED WITH Yogalates / Yogilates – welcome your day with both Pilates and Yoga this morning. 30 minute fusion of pilates and yoga. All you need is a mat and a couple of blocks, optional a wheel and a pilates ball.

You will do yummy yoga stretches and core strengthening pilates even some arm balances. Combine your pilates and yoga practice in this jam-packed fusion formula for the full body.

Enjoy this YOGA AND PILATES FULL BODY FUSION FINESS FORMULA. Open your day with body movements and breath!

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